Mobile devices key to high engagement with Native Ads

February 6, 2015
James Spinks

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UK marketing website The Drum has identified mobile devices as integral for high engagement rates with native advertising on social networks.

Native advertising, recognised as sponsored posts and videos within social media feeds, is being engaged with via mobile devices by 55 per cent of users in the UK. Businesses such as Domino’s Pizza have seen this growth through their social networks.

“Consumers are moving away from the traditional, both in terms of ad formats and devices,” Francis Turner from Adyoulike UK said.

“The results show that online advertisers looking to engage with tech-savvy, urban, socially-mobile 18-34-year-olds would be well advised to embrace native advertising formats.”

Here at Campaign Managers, we specialise in digital advertising operations and aim to recognise emerging trends to engage with this tech-savvy market.

We offer a service that manages campaigns for publishers including those that utilise native advertising in social media markets, ad serve and work with publishers to drive traffic.

Through recognising this important trend, we will work with our publishers to optimise the use of mobile devices and ensure similar engagement rates with native advertising in the Australian market.